Bio Ionic iBrush - Paddle

                          The Nano-Ionic™ Conditioning Brushes are the world's only brushes utilizing super-smooth or 100% boar bristles charged with Nano-Ionic™Hybrid Mineral. With each brush stroke hair is left shiny, silky and static-free.

                        1. Smoothes, Shines and Softens Hair
                        2. Conditions and Hydrates Hair
                        3. Ends Static in Hair
                        4. Makes Frizzy Hair Manageable
                        5. Helps Heal Split Ends
                        6. Promotes Faster Drying
                        7. Contributes to Healthy Scalp
                        8. Freshens Hair Anytime
                        9. Reduces Odor & Product Build-up

                          Available through Kabuki Hair Studio, call 03 9349 1727 or visit:
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