SKYSCRAPER unleaded
                          Medium hold aerosol spray: hold factor 6
                          Medium hold fine mist hair lacquer developed by professional hairdressers. The perfect hairspray for both salon and home use. Brushes out readily and shampoos out easily.

                          ROOT JUICE
                          Medium hold root booster: hold factor 6
                          Give your hair a power kick with this medium hold Root Juice for lifeless hair. A fine directional nozzel gets tot he root of the problem, leaving hair pumped up and ready to go.

                          Medium hold curl enhancer: hold factor 4
                          Fudge Shrewd puts the life back into tired, soggy curls. Delivers volume, bounce and definition to permed or naturally curly hair.

                          FAT HEAD
                          Firm hold texture paste: hold factor 6
                          Not for the lighthearted, this powerpacked styling paste dominates, separates and controls even the most stubborn hair. Take control with Fat Head.

                          HAIR SHAPER
                          Stong hold matte moulding cream: hold factor 10
                          A superior styling formulation. Mould it scrunch it, comb it or simply brush through and leave it. Humidity and temperature resistant. Shampoos out easily.

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