MYCURL is a unique styling iron accessory that allows you and your clients to create gorgeous curl, volume and movement in minutes.

                          Patented technology for perfect curls and body
                          - Heat-resistant technology allows MYCURL to be safely used with any thermal straightener.
                          - The patented s-shape design results in the perfect flat curl.
                          - The carefully considered design provides a voluminous curve to your curls and a more natural finish.
                          - 2 straps for effortless rolling and fastening. The dual setting can be secured around hair of any texture.
                          - The beautiful, organic shape makes them a pleasure to use.

                          Each MYCURL clutch pack contains:
                          * 6 MYCURLs, allowing you to create an infinite number of looks
                          * A compact travel wrap with 6 individual pockets, so you can safely carry your MYCURLs in your handbag, beauty case or kit
                          * A detailed instruction booklet, including 4 beautiful MYCURL styles and details of our 12 month guarantee

                          MYCURL suits all hair types. Very long and/or think hair may require more than one pack.
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