Scunci Grooming Soft Bristle Hair Brush - Kristen Stewart

                          Scunci Grooming Soft Bristle Hair BrushTwi-Hard fans eat your heart out! Kristen Stewart, who is best known as Bella Swan, does the ultimate classic style beautifully with hair full of volume and waves.

                          If you?ve wondered how one girl could attract two of the hottest male actors, you?re not the only one! Try recreating this basic, classic hairstyle and see if it works for you!

                          To recreate Bella?s style, the team at Scunci recommend you blow-dry your hair with the Scunci Grooming Soft Bristle Hair Brush, giving you extreme volume and lift around the frame of your face. From this, work your fingers through the ends with a small amount of product to reduce frizz... Remember, less is more for the simple look!

                          Scunci Grooming Soft Bristle Hair Brush - RRP: $12.95

                          The Scunci range of brushes and combs can be found in Big W and selected Pharmacists and salons. For Stockists call 1800 242 848 or visit
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