Scunci Hair Accessories

                          Don't let your hair slip!

                          With Scunci®'s patented No-Slip Grip™ range of hair accessories, you'll only need to do your hair once.

                          Scunci®, the brand that brought you your favourite '80s hair accessory, the Scrunchie®, has a range of hair accessories perfect for anyone who doesn't have the time to be re-doing their hair all day long.The ideal companion for a day in the office, playing in the schoolyard, strolling around the shops, going out on the town or working out at the gym, Scunci® has a hair accessory to meet your tress' needs.

                          Products that feature the patented No-Slip Grip™ gel lining include jaw clips, snap clips, octopus clips, bobby pins, barette clips, hair bands, head bands and elastic bands - there is a product to suit any hair style and give your that all day hold.

                          Not only do the head bands have the patented No-Slip Grip™ technology, they also incorporate a Cushion Tipped style which means no more of those 'headband headaches' just for the sake of fashion!

                          To view the entire range visit or pop into your local Big W or Priceline store and selected pharmacies. Prices start from $6.95 and all No-Slip Grip™ are $7.95.

                          For stockists call - 1800 242 848
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