Scunci of the Week - Dianna Agron

                      The gorgeous, Dianna Agron from popular TV series Glee, graced the red carpet with a romantic fish-tail braided up do, at the Screen Actors Guild Awards this week.

                      Instead of styling your hair with a headband why not get creative with our own hair. Get Dianna?s whimsical look in just minutes with Scunci.

                      Braids and plaits add texture to the hair, turning a simple hairstyle into something to envy. If you haven?t quite mastered how to plait a fish braid instead opt for a basic plait.

                      To begin the up-do take a section from the front of your hair, on either side of your head and begin plaiting. Then wrap the plait around the front of the head like a crown. Secure at the back of your hair using Scunci?s No Slip Grip Split Bobby Pins. To get Dianna?s messy look, gently tease pieces of your hair out of the plait using Scunci?s Grooming Lift and Style Comb.

                      Use the Scunci Expandable Jaw Clip to gather the remaining hair at the back of your head, twisting it into a bun. Again gently pull out strands of your hair to achieve the messy, romantic look. To finish, lightly spritz the hair with a flexible hold hairspray.

                      You can purchase the Scunci No Slip Grip Split Bobby Pins for $8.95, Scunci?s Grooming Lift and Style Comb for $8.95, and the Scunci Expandable Jaw Clip for $7.95 at Big W, Priceline and selected pharmacies and salons.

                      For full stockist details, you can call 1800 242 848 or visit
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