Senscience Smooth gelee

                      Senscience is haircare re-designed - a perfect combination of sensuality and is Liquid Luxury for sophisticated women who frequent fine salons and are fashion oriented.

                      Smoothing Gel, pH 4.0 - 5.0, Hold Level 3; a smoothing gel that tames frizzy, unruly or curly hair.
                    1. Weightless non-sticky medium holding gel provides ultimate fullness to all hair types with excellent volume and a flexible feel.
                    2. Provides body, lift and smooth hair ensuring fuller styling along with protection.
                    3. Allows for a multitude of styling options including blow-drying with a round brush, curling irons or straightening irons, or even allowing the hair to dry naturally
                    4. This gel should be recommended to anyone, male or female, who desires fuller hair and easy styling on a daily basis.

                      For stockists call Salon Support on 1800 111 770
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